34 Organization Items For Your Dream Kitchen In 2024

I have this cart in black and it works perfectly for my kitchen! I have an awkwardly set-up kitchen, where the stove has no counter beside it and there’s no place for spices or utensils for easy access while I cook. This cart has more than enough room to hold all my spices, hot sauces, etc. And the last row is tall enough for my cooking sprays and oil bottles, too.The flat surface up top is where I hold my cooking utensils and spoon rest. It’s saved me a major headache of moving back and forth in the kitchen! And because it’s super slim and the same color as my stove, it blends in *perfectly*. It’s 100% worth it in my book!

Promising reviews: “I bought this for a space between my fridge and the counter/cabinets. Because it is right next to my fridge, I can store onions and potatoes conveniently and shelf items which will eventually be refrigerated thus freeing up some pantry space. It is easy to roll in and out with the attached handle... I was so happy to find this very narrow solution for my little nook.” —Jay S

“Love that this does not require assembly aside from attaching the wheels! It’s plenty study enough. The wheels move great. I like that you can leave them to turn 360 or tighten them to only roll straight. I love the sleek design and that it has a solid front side to hide the clutter… I think this would be an amazing spice rack/small bottle storage for the pantry. All in all a wonderful solution to my cluttered shelf!”Barbara Neely Designs

Get it from Amazon for $123+ (available in black and white).

Pssst… If you’re looking for a slim storage cart on the lower end of the price range, check out this bestseller for $21.99. It’s plastic, but does the same job!

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