A new dining concept will serve TikTok’s trendiest food items

If you’ve been hankering to eat your feed, a new food delivery brand is here to sate your cravings. Virtual Dining Concepts, the firm known for eateries like MrBeast Burger and FaZe Subs, is pursuing rapid expansion for a TikTok-inspired menu called Creators’ Kitchen.

According to a press release, the expansion will bring Creators’ Kitchen to “hundreds of new markets” across the United States. The official name of the venture is “Creators’ Kitchen As Seen On TikTok,” which references the origin of the chain’s dishes. The current menu includes three appetizers and six entrees that have all gone viral on the For You Page at one time or another.

The Creators’ Kitchen menu will rotate to highlight an array of influencers and their culinary creations. The current crop of partners includes Ninjacue (the originator of the Chopped Italian Sandwich) and The Rapping Chef of Fried Lasagna fame. The iconic Baked Feta Pasta is available as well. The drinks menu includes Pepsi products, so Creators’ Kitchen patrons will miss out on Coca-Cola’s new TikTok-exclusive flavor.


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Creators’ Kitchen is a response to the rise of #FoodTok. Millions of TikToks have included that hashtag to date. Though viewers may whet their appetites on the For You Page, they don’t always cook the viral foods that grace their screens. Now, thanks to Creators’ Kitchen, TikTok’s viral foodstuffs can be sent directly to your door with no preparation necessary.

Virtual Dining Concepts is following in the footsteps of chains like Chipotle, which have set sales records by rolling out items inspired by TikTok foodies like Keith Lee. Other food and drink brands, such as Panera and Pizza Hut, have ventured outside of #FoodTok to bring broader TikTok trends into their stores.

The growth of Creators’ Kitchen will bring TikTok-famous menu items to urban areas across the country, but Virtual Dining Concepts should be wary about expanding too fast. The Orlando-based company is already embroiled in a legal battle with MrBeast, who claimed that the meteoric rise of MrBeast Burger devalued the quality of the ghost kitchen’s products.

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