Best Coffee Accessories for 2024

All these gadgets will help you make a better cup of coffee, certainly, but to achieve a truly great brew, you have to start with a strong foundation: the coffee beans! When purchasing a bag of beans, look for a roast date within the last few weeks or sooner. Freshly roasted beans will get you the most flavor and keep your coffee fresh. A local coffee roaster will be your best bet but there are online options, too. Bags of Intelligentsia coffee smell amazing and give you a preview of the flavors you’ll get in your brewed coffee, and some brands of coffee will even benefit a charity, as with Grounds & Hounds (“Every pound saves a hound!”).

Whether you prefer specialty coffee, iced coffee, dark roast coffee or even anything a step above instant coffee, any of the above will help you explore new ways to enjoy great coffee. And for coffee enthusiasts, that’s really what life is all about. As Johann Sebastian Bach said, “Without my morning coffee I’m just like a dried up piece of roast goat.” Don’t be a dried up piece of roast goat — make a good cup of coffee.

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