Vitamix Blenders and Bundles Are Up to $100 Off in a Valentine’s Day Sale

In my world, Valentine’s Day is all about treating both loved ones and yourself, whether on the holiday or during the month that surrounds it. That can look different for a lot of people, but for people who love to cook, a high-quality splurge never hurts. And we all know Vitamix blenders are  the best-of-the-best. 

Already a top-notch gift, the brand’s surprise Valentine’s sale is all the more reason to finally invest. You’ll find everything from tried-and-tested immersion blenders to the editor-loved Propel 750 blender, all on rare sale up to $100 off. Keep scrolling to shop the best deals in time for the back-half of soup season. 

Vitamix Valentine’s Day Sale

Immersion Blender


This is one of our favorite immersion blenders after testing a variety of options on the market, so it’s already a great place to start. One of the biggest perks to having an immersion blender is that you can easily whizz up big batch recipes like soups without transferring it to a blender. And luckily, that’s what we like most about Vitamix’s immersion blender. During our tests, it blended up soup the fastest out of all the other models, while still allowing proper control to get the right texture. We also appreciate its design features, like its extra-long body for dipping into soups or sauces, its blade guards to prevent splashing, and its easy-to-control power switch, which you can use with one hand. Shop it on rare sale today, just in time for soup season. 

4-Piece Immersion Blender Bundle


For the full experience, you can also shop the immersion blender in a four-piece bundle. It comes with the immersion blender we love, plus a blending whisk attachment you can use to whip cream, eggs, and more. It also comes with a blending jar that’s the right size and shape to make blending and whipping easy, with its own lid to make things seamless to store. Keep it all in one place with the docking station too, which allows for everything to stand upright. 

Propel 750


This is a newer blender from Vitamix, and we tested it as soon as it hit the market. It didn’t take very long to become a favorite of Associate Commerce Editor Mary Claire Lagroue. She tried the blender when it launched in July of last year, and wrote: “Its versatility alone makes it a keeper for me, and it’s more powerful and efficient than the blenders I’ve owned before.” It has a simple design, with all of the functions you’d really need for TK. The powerful base has a dial speed control, which also features five different presettings for things like smoothies or soups. There’s an on and off switch to the right, and a pulsing switch on the left to give you more control. With the 64-ounce pitcher, you’ll have plenty of space to blend a variety of recipes, too. 

Propel 510


Along with the 750 series, Vitamix also launched this 510 model in the Propel line. This has the same power and look as the 750, just with a smaller pitcher and two less pre-settings. It comes with a tapered 48-ounce pitcher to hold smoothies, soups, dips, and more. The speed dial goes from one to 10, and there are settings for a smoothie, a hot soup, or a frozen dessert. If the speed and power of this series appeals to you, but you don’t need all of the space and settings in the 750, this is the perfect choice. 

Ascent A3500 Gourmet SmartPrep Kitchen System


This system is jam packed with everything you need for prep work in the kitchen. It features the A3500 blender, which is part of Vitamix’s smart series, the Ascent line. The blender has a sleek, smooth display that shows your blending speed, with a built-in timer, a dial to control the blending, a switch for pulsing, and a power switch. The set includes the blender base, the 64-ounce pitcher, a food processor base, a 12-cup work bowl, a set of four discs for the processor, a blade holding case, among a few other accessories, like a blender tamper. It’s the full package and it’s ideal for the home cook. 

Ascent A3500 Gold Label


If the A3500 blender interests you most, there’s good news: You can shop it on sale on its own, with the brand’s special Gold Label design. It has all of the same smart functions, just with a sleeker look. Score it in four different colors, including white, matte navy, matte sage, and brushed gold. No matter which color you choose, the blender base will come with sleek gold accents across the interface for an extra-special touch.

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