One of the most common diseases in our society, affecting middle-aged and elderly people, usually above 45 years of age, is chronic venous insufficiency, manifested among others by varicose veins. They appear on the lower limbs in the form of thickening and clearly visible discoloured blood vessels. There are many ways of treating this bothersome and painful condition, and one of those worth immediate application is Varicorin small and easy to swallow capsules that hit the source of the disease from the inside. They are designed especially for women, who complain about this ailment more often than men.


Before we reach for this modern remedy, however, we should learn what the causes of chronic venous insufficiency are and why it absolutely cannot be ignored under any circumstances. There are many causes of this dangerous and even life-threatening disease, but the most common is a genetic tendency, interestingly, inherited not only from parents, but often also from grandparents and even great-grandparents.

We are also guilty of it ourselves, by not taking care of our legs, which throughout our lives must endure tremendous strain, which results, for example, from the nature of our work, and our weight is often far from ideal, which further burdens them. In addition to this there is a lack of physical activity, or a diet that causes clogging of blood vessels in the limbs, so the valves stop functioning properly and the blood, instead of flowing to the heart, starts to move back to the legs. The blood pressure increases, which pushes veins apart, and this is what we see in the form of varicose veins. Most often we ignore their first symptoms and our concern should already be aroused:

  • the feeling of heavy swollen legs, especially intensified in the evening;
  • problem with standing for a long time, especially still;
  • trouble with keeping legs still while sitting, we constantly have to move them;
  • swelling, especially around the feet and ankles;
  • severe muscle pains and cramps;
  • Increased visibility of veins, appearance of characteristic spider veins under the skin, especially on calves, where varicose veins are most common.

Ignoring the initial, relatively small symptoms is very dangerous, and when the characteristic, often bursting and bleeding thickenings appear, you can not do without surgical intervention, which is why prevention and implementation of treatment with the use of Varicorin already in the first stage of the disease when varicose changes are not so severe.



Varicorin, which has recently appeared also on our market, is a modern preparation intended precisely for supporting treatment of all venous ailments. It is the result of the latest scientific research in this field, and due to its completely natural composition, its use is 100% safe and there is no risk of adverse effects. The uniqueness of these capsules, in addition to high effectiveness, lies precisely in the selection of only natural active substances, thanks to which we will quickly remove all the symptoms described above, and in each of them there is:

  • Venocin®, a revolutionary patented extract of horse chestnut, a plant that contains such a substance as escin, a mixture of valuable saponins that acts as an anti-inflammatory, analgesic and reduces swelling in the legs. Aescin regulates blood flow, thus preventing blood clots, and is useful not only in treating varicose veins, but also hemorrhoids;
  • Vitamin C, obtained from buckwheat extract, a plant with proven health properties and thanks to it Varicorin supports the production of natural collagen, which determines the correct structure and functioning of blood vessels;
  • Centellin®, an extract fromCentella Asiatica, another herb commonly used in natural medicine, full of triterpenes, substances improving venous circulation, regulating metabolism of blood vessels and connective tissue, having an antibacterial effect, eliminating the feeling of heavy legs and removing unsightly spider veins;
  • hesperidin, a chemical compound included in flavonoids, found, among others, in the white part of citrus fruit pulp, in lemon and oranges. It is valued for its anti-inflammatory, anti-allergenic and blood cholesterol lowering properties, also counteracting the accumulation of atherosclerotic plaques. It reduces the number of burst vessels, effectively protecting veins from damage while strengthening their weakened walls;
  • Grapevine, which contains large amounts of natural antioxidants that cleanse the body of toxins and dangerous free radicals. It also helps to regulate and maintain proper blood pressure which is extremely important for people suffering from varicose veins;
  • witch hazel in which we can find many substances which have a positive effect on the condition of blood vessel walls, saponins, hornworts and flavonoids. It also has an anti-inflammatory effect, soothes pain, accelerates wound healing, and by shrinking blood vessels removes swelling.



All therapeutic substances, which Varicorin contains, are present in each tablet in carefully selected doses, which guarantee the highest effectiveness. This is necessary in case of this type of ailments, often manifested by strong pain, sometimes even preventing normal movement. Varicorin effectively prevents this by providing a comprehensive action which cannot be achieved by many products used in the treatment of chronic venous insufficiency. The daily dose recommended by the manufacturer of the supplement is only two capsules which are best taken 30 minutes before a meal and with plenty of still water. Regular use produces fantastic results within a few weeks, helping to:

  • treating varicose veins at various stages of disease progression, both leg varicose veins and hemorrhoids, known as anal varicose veins;
  • Prevention of varicose veins;
  • Elimination of red spider veins, cracked small blood vessels;
  • removal of the unpleasant feeling of heavy legs and equally burdensome swelling;
  • Removing excess water from the body;
  • strengthening of weakened walls of blood vessels, thus preventing their breakage.


Such effectiveness is fully confirmed by laboratory tests and opinions that it Varicorin it enjoys among patients and specialists who recommend it. It is especially praised by women whose jobs require standing for long hours e.g. teachers or production workers among whom varicose veins are considered an occupational disease. Similar problems may be faced by people with sedentary, office jobs, whose legs remain practically motionless for most of the day. Equally often the supplement is emphasized as a preventive measure against the development of the disease, used by patients in the higher risk group, at risk of inherited varicose veins.

Varicorin can be purchased by placing a direct order from its manufacturer through an efficiently operating website . One package contains as many as 60 capsules, which, as you can easily calculate, is enough for a whole month of treatment.


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