Among many endocrine glands in the human body, one of the most important is certainly the thyroid gland, located in the lower, anterior part of the neck, just below the larynx.

As long as it works properly, we are practically not aware of its presence, but when it begins to fail, the symptoms are so characteristic, that they cannot be overlooked, and one of them is appearing on the neck an unaesthetic thickening called goiter.

So it is best not to allow such a situation and to use proper prophylaxis, an important element of which are dietary supplements, such as Thyrolin which support the functioning of the thyroid gland in an effective and multifaceted way.


The thyroid gland resembles a small capsule composed of two lobes of connective tissue, joined together by the so-called node. It is the only gland in our body which accumulates a large amount of hormones, and its size and weight depend on gender, age or even the way we live, especially the diet we follow. The thyroid gland produces three extremely important hormones for our health:

  • triiodothyronine, T3, which is responsible, among other things, for the proper functioning of the nervous system, energy metabolism, metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins and fats, water balance of the body or development of the muscular and skeletal systems. Too high levels of this hormone may cause hyperthyroidism and nodular goiters on the neck;
  • thyroxine, T4, also regulates metabolic processes, especially breaking down fats and carbohydrates, influencing the work of sexual glands, lactation and fertility. Its deficiency is the cause of hypothyroidism, a dangerous and difficult to cure disease;
  • calcitonin, whose main task is to regulate calcium-phosphate economy of the organism, lowering the concentration of calcium and phosphates in blood. Thus, it influences bone metabolism and the digestive system, limiting or stimulating, depending on the needs, the secretion of gastric and pancreatic juices. Elevated levels of calcitonin can signify many diseases, thyroiditis, anemia, kidney failure, and even developing cancer.

Thyroid dysfunction manifests itself not only in typical disease states, but also in constant mood swings, weight disorders, feelings of lethargy, apathy, and particularly disturbing motor and mental retardation.


As you can see from the examples above, everyone should care about maintaining the health of their thyroid for as long as possible, which is exactly what Thyrolin is designed to do.

It is characterized by an exceptionally wide range of action, which is largely due to its composition, chosen precisely in order to prevent diseases of this important gland. It contains carefully selected ingredients, substances such as:

  • Selenium – Selenium Select®, a biocompatible form of this element, developed for better absorption and assimilation by the body, thus regulating and supporting the thyroid function;
  • Sea-buckthornextract, made from an algae belonging to the brown algae group, full of essential iodine for health. It is most important for the proper functioning of the thyroid gland, supporting digestive processes and energy metabolism, and Thyrolin also helps to eliminate the feeling of hunger, thus facilitating weight loss;
  • Zinc, which supports our immune system and carbohydrate metabolism, important in hypothyroidism;
  • biotin, or vitamin B7, which improves the functioning of the nervous system and has a positive effect on metabolism;
  • extract from alfalfa leaves, a plant native to Africa, which takes care of blood sugar and cholesterol levels;
  • extractfrom ashwagandha, root of the plant, otherwise known as Indian ginseng, helps to relieve nervous and mental tension;
  • extractfrom the rhizome of ginger, also maintaining normal blood sugar levels;
  • black pepper extract, BioPerine®, which increases the absorption of selenium and other nutrients by our body;
  • riboflavin, i.e. vitamin B2, necessary for the proper metabolism and formation of red blood platelets, also ensuring the proper functioning of the peripheral and central nervous system, controlling the immune system;
  • vitaminB6, which has a significant effect on hormonal activity, eliminates the feeling of fatigue and also supports the nervous system;vitamin B12, responsible for normal psychological functions and energy metabolism
  • Pantothenic acid, maintaining our full mental efficiency.

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The treatment and prevention of thyroid illnesses is a complicated, multi-step process, in which a healthy, balanced diet should be supported with preparations such as Thyrolin which gives a better chance of achieving success. This supplement contains perfectly selected doses of nutritional ingredients which have a beneficial effect not only on this important endocrine gland, but also on the whole organism. We can safely say that the action of the supplement is comprehensive, and taking it in the doses recommended by the manufacturer, we can count on

  • Proper functioning of the thyroid, immune and nervous systems;
  • proper cholesterol and blood sugar levels;
  • good metabolism facilitating digestion and, consequently, maintaining correct body weight;
  • elimination of the aforementioned feeling of sleepiness and continuous fatigue.

The recommended dose is just two capsules a day, taken between meals and drunk with plenty of water. Thyrolin can be used by both men and women suffering from thyroid disease, and you should inform your doctor about its use. The supplement is completely safe, does not cause any side effects, and the first positive effects of use will be felt after a few weeks. It can also be used without any problem by healthy people who want to protect their thyroid gland and protect it from the possibility of disease conditions.


The reviews that Thyrolin enjoys fully confirm its effectiveness, and good ratings are given to it by both patients and specialists who recommend it. You can read them on discussion forums dedicated to thyroid problems, but the best way is to try it on yourself. Customers speak enthusiastically about these capsules, writing among other things:

“Thyroid diseases are common in my family and until now I didn’t know how to protect myself from them. One day I found an article online describing Thyrolin and after reading it and consulting with a specialist, I immediately ordered it. It was a hit in the bull’s eye, now I know that my thyroid is working properly, and in addition I managed to lose a few centimeters in my hips. I recommend it to everyone.” – Alicja, 34 years old.

Thyrolin can and definitely should be purchased by placing an order through the website of its manufacturer. This method of distribution is becoming more and more popular among customers, giving you the guarantee of the lowest price and purchase of an original, one hundred percent effective product.

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