2 In 1 Food Film Dispenser Magnetic Wrap Dispenser With Cutter Storage Box Aluminum Foil Stretch Film Cutter Kitchen Accessories

Price: 13.03 - 0.99

1. Normal Style:(Just food film dispensers. Can be placed on a table, handheld, or placed in a kitchen drawer.)
2. Magnetic Style:(The food film dispenser has a magnetic stripe on the back and can be adsorbed on refrigerators, ovens, microwave ovens, etc.)


Multi Purposes: Wrap Dispenser is an essential accessory to keep your kitchen running smoothly, multipurpose, able to hold saran wrap, waxed parchment, and aluminum foil.
Ready to Use: Wrap Dispenser is able to create an airtight space by pressing your finger along the edge of the food, a saran wrap dispenser for easy food prep or storage of leftovers is very simple to operate.
Materials Excellent in Quality:Wrap Dispenser is able to last a long time in the home with excellent impact resistance, is durable, healthy, environmentally friendly, and made of high-quality material.
 Adjustable Dimension: Wrap Dispenser is convenient and adjustable, suitable for the size of 15-30cm/5.91-11.81in saran wrap, able to be multi-purpose and the size can be adjusted.

Domestic Accessories: Wrap Dispenser is an innovative slider cutter, waterproof, dustproof, and oilproof, effectively avoiding waste, a kitchen wrap organizer.

Product: Food Film Dispenser Use for: Plastic Wrap, Foil, Baking Paper Quantity: 1pcs
Material: Plastic
 Size: as the picture
Package include: 1pcs Food Film Dispenser




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