EHDIS Spare Rubber Bluemax Blade Window Tint Vinyl Wrap Squeegee Car Glass Cleaning Tool Metal Handle Water Scraper Ice Remover

Price: 15.94 - 30.41

EHDIS Rubber Strip Spare Blade Window Tint Vinyl Car Wrap Tool Water Ice Scraper Household Cleaning Tool


Product Name: Bluemax rubber squeegee strip for scraper spare part, spare handle
Material: rubber, metal
Color: blue
Blade Size: 13*5cm
Thickness: 0.65 to 0.75cm
Weight: 60g/pc

1.Vinyl install tools, building tools, industry tools, car film sticker cover tools, auto car styling tools, window tint tools.
2.Window water wiper tool, quick drying wiper blade squeegee.
3.Car vehicle windshield window washing cleaning accessories.
4.House, office, floor cleaning tools.
5.Old film and glue removing tools.
6.Air bubble remover tool for screen protector installation.

Package includes: As you choose


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