Electric Baby Safty Nasal Vacuum Cleaner Infant Nasal Aspirator Newborn Hygiene Kit Mucus Runny Nose Inhaler Kids Health Care

Price: 36.52 - 9.55


1. Designed specifically for children and newborn babies, this baby nasal aspirator is made of high-quality PP and food-grade silicone material, soft and skin-friendly, low noise, and long service life.

2. The ergonomically designed handle is suitable for holding and will not feel uncomfortable when used for a long time.

3. Six-speed strong suction (15-65KPA), easy to absorb nasal secretions, does not hurt the nasal mucosa, and does not disturb the baby's sleep.

4. Equipped with two suction nozzles, the gourd-shaped suction nozzle is suitable for sucking shallow secretions, and the funnel-shaped suction nozzle is suitable for sucking deep secretions to meet different needs.

5. The anti-backflow design can prevent nasal mucus from flowing back into the nose, avoiding damage to the baby's nose.

6. USB charging design, universal charging interface, can be used continuously for one hour after fully charged.


Material: PP+silicone

Color: Light green

Weight: 0.24kg

Packing size: 10.5*5*23cm

Battery: Lithium battery, 500 mA

Life time: one week

Input voltage: 5V

Input current: ≤80 ma

Power: ≤4W

Packing List:

1* Host

2* Nozzles

1* Reservoir

1* USB Charging Cable

1* User Manual

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