Hearing Aids Dryer Led UV Drying 2 Temperature Mode Ear Apparatus Steam Cleaner Hearing Aid Maintenance Care Accessories

Price: 70.26 - 21.19


Four upgraded UVC LED beads on top to offer wide wavelength coverage at 260-280mm, can 360° eliminate up to 99.9% of dirty in 2-8 hours. 


Inner Dimension: 100*65*20mm and items like hearing aids,earmolds,earphones,jewelry, keys, tableware, masks can fit in the box. 


Easy operation. One button drying & sterilization,Two optinal temperatures,sleep well, the device will start to drying and stop after 2-8 hours of work done.Safety protection UVC will turns off automatically once you open the cover, protecting you from exposure to ultraviolet light.


Small and portable, can easily drying & disinfected at any time when needed!
Unique design body, exquisite package, best gift choice.


All the product passed certification with CE, FCC and RoHS certificates, which to prove that it can effectively kill 99.9% of dirty, without disassembly and chemicals.

3 in 1 Dryer+UV Sterilizer+Charger Box

1. UV Sterilizer: Professional disinfection technology.
2. Specially designed for hearing aids/ earmolds / earphone/ braces, drying and setrilizing at the same time.
3. 5 mins UV light: Effectively kill 99.9% of dirty, without disassembly and chemicals.
4. Drying time: 2 Hours / 8 Hours optional.
5. Drying temperature: 40℃ / 50℃ optional.
6.Customization mold, Unique design in the market.
7. With EPA number.
8. Original creative inside charging function and elegant ID design. USB port,Inside (Type-C cable*2).
9. Dryer box: Safer, healthier, humane Design, and overall operation as well as no noise.


HD100 & HD100-L Difference

Built-in Type C charging cable*2 for hearing aids.

"Not" Built-in Type C charging cable,other functions are the same.

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