KINHANK Super Console X Cube Retro Video Game Console Support 60000 Games for PS1/PSP/DC/MAME/Arcade HD Output Gift for Kid

Price: 82.96 - 41.48


• Retro Gaming Console :Experience the thrill of classic gaming with KINHANK Super Console X Cube, a retro video game console that supports over 60,000 games from PS1/PSP/DC/MAME/Arcade.

• HD Output Quality :Enjoy stunning visuals on your TV with the console's HD output, bringing your favorite retro games to life with vibrant colors and clear details.

• Wi-Fi Connectivity :Connect to the world of gaming with Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing you to download new games, save progress, and join online multiplayer sessions.

• Included Controller :Get ready for action with the included video game controller, providing you with an immersive gaming experience right out of the box.

• Certified Product :Rest assured of its quality and safety as the product is CE certified, ensuring it meets all necessary standards and regulations.

• Ideal Gift Option :This retro gaming console makes an ideal gift for kids, offering endless hours of fun and entertainment.

▪ Main Features

1. Emuelec system, supports network connection, you can add games by yourself.
2. Built-in 60+ emulators, can perfectly run PS1/PSP/DC/MAME/ARCADE and other emulators.
3. Comes with 64G/256G game card, pre-installed 40000/60000 games, plug and play, more interesting.
3. Support more than 20 national languages, and support global users.
4. Support HD output, suitable for 4K TV, HD picture quality (1080/720p).
5. Supports up to 4 player games, allowing you and your children to be intimate and experience the fun of the game!

Upgraded S905 Chip

Equipped with an upgraded S905 chip, this chip is more powerful than RK3326, with a 64-bit 4-core CPU,5-core Mali-450 graphics processor, and supports 4K@60fps video hard decoding and HDR processing.


The game host has a built-in large heat sink for more even heat dissipation.

Upgrade EmuELEC Game System

The super console x cube uses the most stable emuelec game system, which is smooth and stable and the best game companion.

The Best Gift for Kids

This is the perfect gift for your child. This controller has 4 USB 2.0 ports, which can be connected to 4 controllers, while accompanying your children, allowing them to enjoy the same childhood fun as you. It is also the best choice for family gatherings and friends gathering~

Support adding games by yourself

Multi-device Compatibility

Suitable for a variety of HD output devices, such as projectors, TVs, etc, Experience the joy of big-screen games.


Super console x cube supports 20+ languages, including Chinese, English, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Italian, French, Polish, etc. You can switch to a language you are familiar with in the system settings.

Exquisite Appearance, Mini Size

Super Console x cube adopts a classic retro appearance and a mini size, which is convenient to carry around. It is the best choice for friends and family gatherings.


1. Why do I get a blue screen or a red screen, or can't enter the game when I open the game?

This is because the system does not match a suitable emulator core. You can enter the game menu, and advanced game options, switch to other emulators, and then reopen the game.

2. What emulators is this device compatible with?

You can find many classic games that you like.

The device supports dozens of classic emulators, such as PS1/PSP/DC/MAME/N-ES, etc., waiting for you to explore.

3. Does this device support system upgrades?

We recommend keeping the device as it is. The default system is the most stable. Upgrading the system by yourself may cause compatibility issues.

4. How to remap controller?

You can find the option to map the controller in the system menu, and you can set it according to your usage habits.

5. What controller does this product come with?

This product is equipped with two 2.4G wireless controllers, requires two AAA batteries, and has a control range of 10 meters.

✨TAKE A LOOK!:KINHANK x cube Video Game Console
PRODUCT PROPERTY:✨ 1: Kinhank offer amazing our product.The kinhank model of our product is x cube.The category is video game console.The certification is ce.Our product is made in cn(origin).
✨ 2: The operating system is emuelec.
✨ 3: The supporting language is greek.

REASONS TO BUY:✨ Super console x video game consoles: x-type design for easy viewing and sharing, built-in high-definition video game console. it is equipped with a memory card slot to help you set up the game more convenient.
✨ I cube arcade game: naomi game console supports gimbal design with a detachable cube shaft. the game can be played from a variety of angles, and you can also play video games with your family or friends.
✨ Retro arcade x: tv show or gaming experience with classic retro arcade design. choose between a different game console and get out of style.
✨ Seller recommended: all of our products are carefully inspected before shipment, so please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

BUYER SAYS:✨ Shipping was very fast, great device and unbeatable cost!!!

RELATED INFO:✨ Super console x cube retro video game consoles: x cube design for long-lasting gaming experience, which is compatible with pc, tv, computer and other samsung devices.
✨ Kinhank super console x cube: we are a brand focused on designing high-quality products for our customers. when it comes to quality, we have designed the super console to support your hands and be used in any environment.

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