Kinhank Super Console X5 Pro Retro Game Console with 16000 Games for PS2/PS1/SS/DC/N64 with 4T HDD Plug and Play Game Player

Price: 389.96 - 210.58

Main Features:

 40+Emulators: PS2/PS1/DC/SS/MAME/WII etc.

16000+Games(4T): more games more fun.

-Rockchip RK3588 4×Cortex-A76+4×Cortex-A55;

– GPU: ARM Mali-G610 MP4 ;

– OS: Android 12;

-LPDDR4x 8GB, eMMC 64GB;

-8K@60fps Video, 4K@120fps, HDR10, AV1;

-1000M RJ45, WIFI6 2.4G & 5G Wifi, BT5.0;

-HD2.1& DP1.4 Dual screen display;

-USB3.1&SATA3.1 Support connection of up to 18TB HDD

More Gmae More Fun With 4T Game HDD

X5 Pro perfectly supports 40+ emulators, such as PS2/PS1/PSP/DC/MAME/SS, etc., with a total of 14,000+ games waiting for you to explore.

Plug and Play, 0 Learning Cost

You can play games by connecting a hard drive without complicated operations, making it convenient for you to use.

Android 12 OS

Kinhank X5PRO TV box is equipped with Android 12.0 operating system, powered by RK3588S Quad core cortex-A55+A76 Ultra high-frequency CPU which is better than the S922X chip, makes sure the Android box runs stable and smoothly to load movies,videos, pictures and play games without buffering. It is perfect for home entertainment, home theater, business use, and more.

Real 8K HD output

X5PRO streaming media player supports 8K Ultra HD Resolution and AV1 decoding technology(30% higher efficiency than H.265 or VP9), via HD2.1 interface, providing real 8K@60fps,4K@120fps playback without stuttering or buffering. Plus the HIFI function, allows you to enjoy an immersive audio-visual feast at home.

AV1 Encoding Technology

X5 Pro android box has AV1 decoding technology, compared with VP9 and H.264, AV1 has better decoding efficiency and can achieve the same picture level as a higher bit rate VP9 with a lower bit rate so that video users can watch much better quality and clearer video with the same bandwidth and traffic consumption.

A chip comparable to the computer main control – RK3588-S

X5 Pro is equipped with the ultra-high-performance RK3588 chip. Compared with S905X4, the CPU and GPU performance have achieved a qualitative leap, and the experience is not inferior to that of a PC.


The large memory combination makes every step of your operation smooth.

4K@120Fps High Refresh Output

4K@120fps high-definition output makes every picture lifelike.

USB3.1&SATA3.1 High-speed interface

Equipped with a USB 3.1 interface, the theoretical transfer rate is as high as 900MB/s, which is twice the transfer rate of the USB 3.0 interface and can support ultra-large hard drives up to 18TB. With this, you can watch ultra-high-definition movies, giving you an extraordinary visual experience.


X5 Pro supports dual-screen display, giving you a different experience.

AI-PQ Image Quality Enhancement

X5 Pro supports AI-PQ image quality enhancement, which can optimize 4K image quality to 8K@30fps and 1080P to 4K, allowing you to enjoy ultra-clear vision.

WiFI6+BT5.0+1000M RJ45

X5 Pro supports WiFI6+BT5.0+1000M RJ45, and is fully configured to ensure your network experience.

Extremely Fast Cooling Fan

X5 Pro has a built-in ultra-fast cooling fan, which improves heat dissipation efficiency by 300%, preventing lags caused by heat during use.

Rich Expansion

In the Box 1?

X5 Pro*1
Power adapter*1
HD cable*1
SATA cable*1
320G HDD*1

GameSir T3*1

In the box 2?

X5 Pro*1
Power adapter*1
HD cable*1
SATA cable*1
4T HDD*1

GameSir T3*1

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