Luxury Leather dining chair Modern backrest stool Dining room furniture INS design hall reception Negotiating cofe soft chair

Price: 238.90 - 157.67

INS Luxury Dining Chair Modern restaurant leather chair Home backrest stool Ergonomic designer chair Coffee chair

Simple but extraordinary luxurious but not luxurious

The dining room is the most used place throughout the day
That’s why it’s so important to choose a dining chair that keeps you in a good mood

Integrate the aesthetics of fashion and simplicity into the design
Find a new balance between utility and form.

Detail presentation

Start with the appearance level, stay true to the quality,
A good product starts with the details

1, the seat is made of solid wood frame
2. High quality Napa microfiber skin feels warm and moist
3, diamond backrest soft and full more three-dimensional
4, latex sponge soft and hard moderate long sitting does not collapse
5, light luxury steel gold-plated chair feet solid and stable

Premium Napa microfiber leather

Selected high-quality microfiber leather, soft and delicate leather, no fear of tearing
Soft to touch, comfortable to feel, easy to handle, wear resistant wrinkle resistant dirt

Comfortable ergonomic back design

High rebound sponge filled, upgraded thicker latex layer to enhance comfort
No deformation, fast rebound, multi-layer filling, comfortable sitting, sitting for a long time without collapse.

Solid wood frame seat

Chair seat with solid wood frame, filled with latex cotton + high rebound sponge,
Soft and comfortable while making the seat more stable.

Carbon steel gold-plated tripod with non-slip pads

Stable structure, stable and durable, light luxury fashion beautiful, rust resistant
Easy to clean and take care of, no formaldehyde and no odor.

Size display

PS: The size is measured by hand, there will be an error of 2-3cm, which belongs to the normal range, please refer to the actual product, please understand

Color display

PS: The color will vary depending on the photo light, the color value of the display and other factors.
If there is a color difference, it is a normal phenomenon, please refer to the actual product, please understand.

In any scene, it is not obtrusive, so that the space is no longer monotonous

The merger of appearance level and strength

I believe that professional strength can always surprise you. Factory direct sales, give you the best experience!

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