Luxury Single Sofa Chairs Green Corduroy Fabric Home Furniture Living Room Desk Backrest Chair Bedroom Makeup Stool Customized

Price: 147.06 - 95.59

Name: Luxury single sofa chair
Material: corduroy+rebound sponge+stainless steel chair legs
Color: Medium green, black
Style: Light Luxury/Modern/Nordic
Function: Seat cushion backrest (detachable)
Suitable scenarios: living room/bedroom/study/etc
Detail description: 1. The entire back of the seat cushion can be disassembled and washed
Both the seat and back are made of detachable zipper and buckle technology. The top layer is made of corduroy, with a beautiful and delicate texture. The inner layer is equipped with an independent soft bag made of cloud like cotton, which is solidly filled. This sitting feeling is simply amazing
2. Comfortable backrest, just right for reading
The seat back position is slightly curved inward, just fitting the back, allowing the waist and back to be in a comfortable state when sitting, and not tiring even after prolonged sitting

3. Unique design, comfortable sitting sensation

The chair is designed with a wide surface and a curved front, making leg contact more comfortable when placing the legs.

4. Corduroy fabric, wear-resistant, scratch resistant, and not prone to pilling

Size: 69cm in height, 63cm in length, 42cm in sitting height, with an error of 2cm
Note: Manual shooting may result in color difference, please refer to the actual product for accuracy

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