Nordic Round Simple Nightstands Plastic Bedroom Bedside Cabinets Creative Mini Small Night Stand Table De Chevet Home Furniture

Price: 84.59 - 74.98

Product Parameters: CTG-SLYX-240108
Product Details XQ: HongMaoJiaJu -OK-A01
Product Name: Bedside table/Coffee table/Storage cabinet
Product Material: Plastic
Product Size: Multiple sizes
1 layers: 32x32x20cm
2 layers: 32x32x40cm
3 layers: 32x32x58cm
4 layers: 32x32x76cm
5 layers: 32x32x94cm
Product Color: Multiple colors
Product Use: Bedside table/Coffee table/Storage cabinet
Product Packaging:
1 layers: 1pc/35.5 * 35.5 * 23.5cm Weight: 1pc/3kg
2 layers: 1pc/35.5 * 35.5 * 41cm Weight: 1pc/4kg
3 layers: 1pc/35.5 * 35.5 * 61cm Weight: 1pc/5kg
4 layers: 1pc/35.5 * 35.5 * 80.5cm Weight: 1pc/6kg
5 layers: 1pc/35.5 * 35.5 * 99.5cm Weight: 1pc/7kg
Product Model: ALBB-HongMaoJiaJu-YouXiangJiaJu-NO.2023-60-75-100-125-170-60-85-108-135-175-KG-3-4-5-6-7


01.Installation Method: The product needs to be assembled by itself, and those who care should not buy it.


02.Product Size: Product measurement is manual, 1-3 cm is in the normal range, please don’t buy if you mind.

03.Product Color: Product shooting varies due to different light/equipment/environment, and those who care should not buy the product based on the real object.


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