Oximeter Portable Fingertip Pulse Blood Oxygen Saturation Monitor With LED Display Fingertip Oximeter Testing SpO2 Health Care

Price: 6.35 - 0.99

• Compact and Portable :The AIQUE Fingertip Oximeter is a compact and portable device, making it easy to carry around and use anytime, anywhere.

• LED Display :Equipped with an LED display, this oximeter provides clear and instant readings, enhancing the user’s experience.

• Blood Oxygen Saturation Monitor :This device serves as a blood oxygen saturation monitor, helping you to maintain your overall health by tracking your SpO2 levels.

• Health Care Tool :As a vital health care tool, it aids in monitoring the oxygen saturation levels in the blood, which is essential for those with respiratory problems or during sports activities.

• Application on Finger :Designed for application on the finger, it ensures comfortable use and accurate readings.

• Origin – China :Originating from China, a country known for its quality products, this oximeter guarantees durability and reliability.


Item Type:Oximetry




Model Number:AD901 LED

Brand Name:AiQUE

Place of Origin:China

Product name:Digital Finger Pulse Oximeter

Pulse Rate:30BPM-240BPM

Measurement accuracy:±2% within 70%-99%

Auto power off:8s

Display:TFT Digital Display

Power supply:2*AAA Batteries(Not Include)


Power Consumption:Less than 30 mA

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