Professional Drone E99 HD 4k Camera Foldable Mini WIFI FPV RC Aerial Photography Quadcopter RC Helicopter Toy Gift

Price: 34.61 - 12.80

• 4K HD Camera :Capture stunning visuals with the drone’s 4K HD camera, perfect for aerial photography and RC helicopter toy gifts.

• Foldable Design :The E99 drone features a foldable design, making it easy to carry and store, ideal for on-the-go users.

• WIFI FPV Connection :Experience real-time control and live streaming with the Wi-Fi FPV connection, enhancing your flying experience.

• Long Flight Time :With a flight time of 15 minutes, this drone allows for extended flight durations, providing more time for aerial exploration.

• 4K Video Recording :Equipped with 4K video recording capabilities, this drone captures every detail of your aerial adventures in high definition.

• Lightweight :Weighing less than 1kg, this drone is lightweight and easy to handle, making it suitable for both beginners and professionals.

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If a fan blade does not rotate or rotates too slowly, check the following:

1. The drone must be placed on a level surface before it can begin to prepare for flight. If it is not on the horizontal plane, the engine will lose balance and the wind blades will not be able to rotate;

2. Drones should not be operated by hand. Not only can the engine not balance, but also cause danger!

3. After the initial calibration, gently push up the left lever, and the UAV’s wind blade will only rotate but not fly, which means that the standby state is unlocked. Currently, drones have very low engine power. If it does not rotate or rotates very slowly, this is normal; At this point, push the left joystick up again, and the drone will fly normally.

Please note:

Please read the instructions carefully before use.

If you are a beginner, an experienced adult is recommended to help you.

Be careful with the battery: do not overcharge or overdischarge it.

Do not place it under high temperature conditions.

Don’t throw it in the fire.

Don’t throw it in the water.

•4K HD Video recording: Capture stunning aerial images with the drone’s 4K HD video recording feature.

Dual cameras: The drone is equipped with two cameras that can capture both aerial and ground images.

• Removable battery design: One battery is fully charged and theoretical flight time is about 10 minutes. Easy disassembly, easy to travel ~

• One-click take-off: Convenient and easy to use ~ Beginners can get started and have fun with ease ~!

• Smart windbreak: works well in windy weather ~ but make sure it should be breezy, not windy ~

• Special flight mode: Support 360° rotation flight, more fun waiting for you to explore ~!

The package includes:

Drone * 1

Remote control * 1

Spare wing blades * 2

USB cable * 1

Screwdriver * 1

Manual * 1 Product configuration parameters:

Product model; E99

Color: Black/grey

Type: Single/dual camera

Remote control battery :3 AAA batteries (own)

Frequency: 2.4GHz

Gyroscope :6 axes

Channel :4CH

Charging method: Universal USB interface

Battery capacity: 3.7V 1800mAH modular battery

Flight time: About 10-15 minutes

Charging time: about 90 minutes

Remote control distance: about 150 meters

Camera method :FPV

Lens: Built-in camera

Video resolution :k4 single camera / 4K dual camera

Speed adjustment: slow/medium/fast


Maximum wind resistance

<10 km/h

Maximum take-off weight

<1 kg

Equipped with spray system/expansion tank volume


/ Removable battery replacement


Max video resolution [pixels X pixels]

4K (4096 * 2160)


A drone with a camera

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