RTMS repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulator for stroke insomnia depression anxiety schizophrenia autism HYPERactivity

Price: 1,123.20 - 643.40

Therapeutic apparatus is the treatment of cap in three-dimensional spiral pulse
line produced by electric magnetic head and magnetic field, and through
the skull, stimulate the brain and central nervous system, and the
cortical neural cell membrane potential and induced current, affects the
brain metabolism and neural electrical activity caused a series of
physiological and biochemical reaction, thus increasing the brain's
blood circulation, increase metabolism, regulate the nervous system,
Changes abnormal brain function.

The product has two gears, weak gear and strong gear, weak gear: 3mT-15mT (maximum peak value: 15MT), strong gear: 15mT-30mT (maximum peak value: 30MT)

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