Vacuum Sealer Automatic Vacuum Packaging Machine Kitchen Storage Bags Commercial Vacuum Foods Sealing Device 300mm Degasser

Price: 50.99 - 49.49


Rated Voltage: AC220-240 V / 50 Hz
Rated Power: 100W
Sealing length: 30cm(Max)
Vacuum Sealing Time: 6 ~ 9 S(The pumping time is proportional to the pumping volume)
Vacuum: 65Kap(22inHg)
Vacuum sealing time: 10 – 20S

Function Introduction:

The buttons are divided into six key functions: "automatic, external extraction, point extraction, mode, sealing, and stop"

Automatic: Press to automatically perform one click vacuum pumping and sealing.

External suction: Connect the external suction pipe and vacuum the vacuum preservation tank.

Spot pumping: manually control the vacuum pumping effect

Mode: Standard/Soft/Wet, three food mode selection

Sealing: Single sealing

Stop: Stop the running function

*Fresh sealing:

This vacuum sealing machine has a power of 100W, a super strong suction force of 65KPa, High quality silicone strip with sponge ring providing better sealing effect. The maximum sealing size is 30CM, and the bag can be sealed wider. Effectively extending food preservation time, maintaining the freshness and taste of the food.


1.30cm lengthened heating wire.
2. Adopt easy-to-clean panel, effective anti-fouling and durable.
3. The structure adopts separate design, the bottom can be disassembled, and rinsed directly with water.

have 3000 RPM high-speed motor, 65KPA powerful air pump, Powerful suction can quickly lock in freshness!

Fresh food external vacuum system, equipped with portable cutting knives;

External evacuation support, without the need to reverse the machine, can be used by directly opening the top cover and inserting a vacuum hose, suitable for vacuum tanks, storage bags, wine stoppers, etc.

Independent design, beautiful and easy to clean

High strength tempered glass panel, wear-resistant, scratch resistant, and easy to clean;

The structure adopts separate design, the bottom can be disassembled, and rinsed directly with water.


The machine should be used with special bags with lines when vacuum sealing, for normal bags just could be sealed.

The product cannot be emptied of pure liquid. As liquid and air are fluids, forced evacuation can cause liquid to enter the interior of the product, which may lead to machine malfunction.

Pack Includeds:

1 * Food Vacuum Sealer Machine
10 * 20*25cm Bags
1 * Hose
1 * Simple cutting blade
1 * User Manual (English)

Vacuum Sealer, Automatic Vacuum packaging machine Kitchen Storage Bags Commercial Vacuum Foods Sealing Device 280mm Degasser

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