Webcam 4K Web Camera 1080P 60FPS USB Streaming EMEET Camera with 2 Noise Reduction Mics for Gaming/Youtube/Video Calling

Price: 57.28 - 52.78

Note: This product does come with a tripod.

Ultra HD 4K Resolution with 8M Pixels

Equipped with a UHD 4K pro-grade image sensor, images shot by S600 feature 8 megapixels, which is 4X of a traditional webcam. With superior color reproduction, S600 always presents the best of you. Grab one, begin your story and leave the rest to S600

Sharp Autofocus

Set your hands free and feel free to move or make object demonstration thanks to our sharp autofocus tech. No need to focalize manually anymore

Intelligent Auto Light Correction

Be always remarkable under any lighting conditions, whether you're poorly or harshly lit, the amazing auto light correction can always make you stand out

Silky-Smooth 60FPS

Want high resolution with a high frame rate? S600 gets it all done, enabling 60FPS in 1080P to catch up with your every single move so that videos are always as smooth as silk. No more lag or frame drop

88° Wide Field of View

Too much is shown due to the exceedingly wide FoV or too narrow to even present your whole self? No longer! Get yourself or your background perfectly framed with the just-right 88° wide-angle FoV

2 Noise-Canceling Microphones

2 microphones with noise cancellation pickup naturally pure voice, cutting down the background noise and ensuring interaction flow smoothly

Plug and Play

S600 is a plug-and-play, totally driver-free device. Need a USB3.0 to output videos of 4K resolution? It won't with S600. Connection via USB2.0 is capable of doing so with S600, which is ideal for first-time streamers or content creators

Rotary Privacy Cover

Comes with a built-in gear-driven privacy cover. Simply scroll the gear on top of the camera to shield the lens when necessary to protect your privacy

Strong Compatibility

Compatible with main operating systems and popular software including OBS, Xsplit, Youtube, Twitch, etc

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