Wide Base Esterilizador Copa Menstrual 550Ml Silicone Cup Box Collapsible Higiene Health Care Products

Price: 3.32 - 1.99

Wide Base Esterilizador Copa Menstrual 550ML Silicone Cup Box Collapsible Higiene Health Care Products


Condition:100% new item

Item: Menstrual Cup Container, Sterilizer, Sanitizer

Material: 100% Food Grade Silicone

Capacity option: 550ML, 170ML, 200ML

Why recommend 550ML ?

1) Grip tabs for an easy-to-remove lid

2) Comes with a Secure lock lid compared with 170ml and 200ml

3) Wider and deeper, great for period discs and all cups, kegel weights sterilizing and storing.

4) Clap to fold in a second, so convenience.

How to clean your period cups at home?

Put it in the cleaning container and sterilizer in microwave for 3 minutes. It is done!

How to clean your period cups in public ?

Step 1: Fill carry cup with water before entering the bathroom stall

Step 2: Empty the contents of your menstrual cup/disc into the toilet, drop inside the carry cup and shake to rinse clean

                    Wider version 550ML dimension

Traditional 200ML, No secure lock lid, No grip handle

Traditional Small 170ml container, no secure lock lid, no grip

                                    HOT SELLING!

It can be used as an outdoor collapsible silicone bowl for travel!

You must have such a cute and multi-functional silicone bowl !

Packaging Includes:

1* Collapsible Silicone container 550ML

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