x-ray protective thyroid collar hospital hospital, nuclear power plant nuclear radiation protective 0.5mmpb lead collar

Price: 28.08

Products features and advantages:

1, The product from the Extremely pure natural rubber, Huang Dan powder made from, Excellent production process and strict process control, making lead powder distribution more uniform. the internal fabric using the Multi-layer new standard protective material, superior performance, Good protection;

2, For the primary X-ray protection, the user may need to select different specifications protection products. Internal Multi-layer standard protective material, excellent protection performance;

3, The external fabric use High-tech fabric, strong wear, soft texture, and has a certain degree of waterproof, anti-static function, easy to clean, disinfection;

4, The neck collar is designed to be of sufficient size to provide adequate protection of the thyroid gland during interventional procedures.

5, As one-piece design, strict protection.

The main purpose is: mainly used for radiation protection (for X, gamma-ray protection)

1, X-ray protective lead rubber collar role: to resist the X-rays on the human body and neck injuries

2, X-ray protective lead rubber collar classification: standard protective collar

3, X-ray protective lead rubber collar size: Universal adult

X-ray protection collar scope of protection:

1. Radiation workplace: X-ray, gamma ray radiation equipment: X-ray machine(DR), X-ray CT, X-ray digital silhouette device(DSA), perspective, film, tomography, dental, orthopedic X-ray and CT protection;

2. Interventional radiology: cardiovascular angiography, radiation particles implantation protection; simulator, installed, linear accelerator, X knife, gamma knife and other room protection;

3. Radiation equipment: radioactive sources, source devices and ray devices Industrial ray detectors, gamma ray detectors, non-sealed radioactive sources, X-ray diffractometer, nuclear facilities and irradiation devices and other large facilities protection;

4. Underground non-uranium mining: such as coal mines, nonferrous metals, iron ore, tin and other miners by a high level of radon and its sub-irradiation radiation protection;

5. Other: in vitro gravel, bone density determination, X-ray diffraction protection.

Protective performance parameter:

Lead equivalent index




Shielding efficiency




Product maintenance:

1. After use should be flat or hangs with hangers, can not be folded, so as to avoid long-term folding caused by rupture, leakage of radiation phenomenon;

2. Storage in the relative humidity of not more than 80%, no direct sunlight, away from heat, no corrosive gases and well ventilated indoor;

3. Is strictly prohibited with acid, alkali and other products in contact with the product in order to extend its life, paving scrub, do not use washing machine cleaning.

Product life:

1. The state stipulates that the life of the radiation protection product is 5 years;

2. Over the useful life or use of the frequency is too high, the need to initially check the product protection effect;

3. Inspection method:

(1) Hand touch or remove the cloth surface to observe the eyesight, if one-third of the crack, the product can not be used, must be scrapped update;

(2) If a professional dose detector, available dose detector to detect the degree of radiation attenuation, to determine whether the need to update the protective clothing.


● This x-ray protective thyroid collar have 0.35mmpb, 0.5mmpb these two lead equivalent selection

● This collar lead equivalent: 0.5mmpb

● Packaging: 1 piece / pack

● Please choose your color, otherwise we will default to blue.

Friendly reminder: X-rays will reduce the body's platelets, anti-cancer cell kill, cause harm to humans, for your health and safety at work be sure to use radiation protection products!

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