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Price: 125.76 - 61.38

After-sale protection

If the package you received is damaged.Please do not leave negative feedback, contact us as soon as possible. Due to the time difference, we will reply your message within 24 hours and give you a satisfactory solution. Your five-star feedback is our greatest encouragement

All product prices do not include tax, you may need to pay tax once the package arrives in your country..Tax is paid by buyer

Special tips for Brazil customers:

according to Brazil’s tax policy, all parcels sent to Brazil, buyers need to pay taxes (or customs fees). We do not know the exact amount of the tax.
When the package arrives in Brazil, the buyer must pay the tax within 30 days. If the buyer does not pay the tax on time, the package will be returned to China. We will not refund the full amount, we will deduct the shipping cost from China to Brazil, which is about $100 USD.

   !!! We know that this style has a lower price than ours in the market, and there is no difference in their appearance. But in reality, the materials and quality of the products are very different. We are a Chinese manufacturer, and we only use the best materials to create a chair that suits you.





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